2015 Submissions

At6 - Fetti (trap) Hip Hop - Modern Song

2014 Submissions

Oz - Magnetar Dance Song
Eat Your Oranges Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Dumbest Beat Ever Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Oscillator Z - On My Own Dubstep Song
Crab Tree Ambient Song
Gettin Started (Drumstep) Dubstep Song
Where's My Money (MoombahRMX) House Song
Shpongle - I Am You (DnB Rmx) Drum N Bass Song
Joman - Static (Trance Remix) Trance Song
Quite Peeved (Dub/Drumstep) Dubstep Song
VisionsOfBlue (Ferry C. Remix) Ambient Song
[oZ] ~ Badman Sound (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Elysium Demo (Loop) Dance Loop
[oZ] ~ This Is How It Ends... Pop Song
[SP] ~ Hardcore Will Never Die Techno Song
[oZ] ~ Procyon (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Flatline (NG Cut) Trance Song
[oZ] ~ Space Tacos (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Play Nice (Prog House) House Song
HHC Blue loop Dance Loop
Messing around... Hip Hop - Modern Loop
[oZ] ~ Jahova (Rusko Remix) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Needy Girl (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Steppa (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
oZ ~ Steppa (Dubstep Preview) Dubstep Song
oZ~Trust Nobody (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Swagga (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
oZ~Starry Eyed (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Satellite [OceanlabRmx] Trance Song
This is How We Do it (HHC Dance Song
[SP] ~ Delay (Minimal Mix) House Song
[oZ] ~ Bionic Commando Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Technologic (Minimal) House Song
[SP] ~ T.i.h.w.d.i. (ng Cut) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Cosmic Drum N Bass Song
[oZ] ~ V (Distance Remix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ The Theme (Hixxy Remix) Dance Song
[oZ] ~ Final (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Relax (Chill Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Escape Drum N Bass Loop
[SP] ~ Goodbye Ambient Song
[SP] ~Moonlight Sonata(HipHop) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
[SP] Memory (Minimal Trance?) House Song
[SP] ~ Game Over (Hardstyle) Techno Song
Like A Rocket (Hardstyle Prvw) Techno Song
[oZ] ~ Get High (DubstepRefix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Our House (Housebeat) House Song
[SP] ~ Overdose (Trance Remix) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Mysterious Skies Trance Song
whatisthisidonteven Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Take On Meh Pop Loop
[SP] ~ Paparazzi (Electro Rmx) House Song
Amicable Anarchy (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Something About Us Funk Song
[SP]~In for the Kill (Ele House Song
[SP] ~ Moonlight Sonata Trance Song
[SP] ~ Satellite (2010) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Plasma (Epic Hardstyle) Techno Song
[SP] Loneliness (Tomcraft Rmx) House Song
[SP] ~ Brazil (Deadmau5 Remix) House Song
[SP] ~ Blue Moon (Psych Remix) Trance Song
/DigitalSunset Pop Song
/DigitalSunrise Pop Song
[SP] ~ Are You Ready Dance Song
[SP] ~ Substance (DnB Remix) Drum N Bass Song
[SP] ~ Party Like It's 3010 House Song
[SP] ~ Space People Trance Song
[SP] ~ Tik Tok (HardcoreRemix) Dance Song
[SP] ~ Consciousness (HrdStyl) Techno Song
[oZ] ~ Hypnotize(DubstepRemix) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Sweat Shop (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ On The Move (Remix) Dance Song
[oZ] ~ Get High (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Time To Pretend Remix House Song
[SP] ~ The Theme (Club Mix) Trance Song
[SP] ~ ADAM (Hardstyle) Techno Song
[oZ] ~ Wub (Lulzy Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Jellyfish (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Wonder Pop Song
Fuk Out Mah Binnis (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Space Odyssey Haus RMX House Song
[oZ] ~ Cockney Thug (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ No. (Mellow Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Bioluminescence Ambient Song
[SP] ~ Ready To Go (Hardcore) Techno Song
[SP] ~ End Of Time Pop Song
[SP] ~ Visions Of Blue Ambient Song
[SP] ~ Electric Rain Trance Song
[SP] ~ I Get Stoned (2010) Techno Song
[SP] ~ Overdose (Dub Mix) Trance Song
Mario Castle Hardstyle Remix Techno Song
[oZ] ~ Entity (Mellow Dubstep) Dubstep Song
Fuck You, I'm From The Future! Techno Song
[SP] ~ Inspiration Road Trance Song
[oZ] ~ Whatcha Say(DubstepRMX) Dubstep Song
Alexface! Miscellaneous Loop
[SP] ~ Life Ambient Song
[SP] ~ Satisfaction House Song
[SP] ~ Outta My Head Dance Song
[SP] ~ Only Your Love Dance Song
[oZ] ~ Frankenstep (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Be Happy (Final) Dance Song
[SP] ~ Wtf Is Ecstasy? House Song
[SP] ~ The Machine (Hardstyle) Techno Song
[SP] ~ Mad World(Trance Remix) Trance Song
[oZ] ~ Drifting Away Drum N Bass Song
Unnamed Hip Hop WIP Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
[SP] ~ Everywhere Trance Song
[oZ] ~Axe To The Face(Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Contagious Vibes House Song
[SP] ~ To Believe Ambient Song
[SP] ~ Twice In A Blue Moon Trance Song
[oZ] ~ Dr. Sin (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] The Theme (Trance Remix) Trance Song
[SP] ~ A New Hope Trance Song
[SP] ~ Bitch? House Song
[SP] ~ Buzz Trance Song
[oZ] ~ Cannon (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ I Gotta Feeling(Trance) Trance Song
25 Fucking Seconds (Hardstyle) Techno Song
Live synth demo Miscellaneous Song
[SP] ~ Without Silence Trance Song
Man On The Run (Voxless Demo) House Song
[oZ] ~ Thug From-uh (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Night By Night House Song
Angel In The Night(HrdcoreRMX) Dance Song
[oZ] ~ Robo-Ninjas Drum N Bass Song
Welcome To Rainbow (Dnb Remix) Drum N Bass Song
[SP] ~ Io Nights Trance Song
[SP] ~ Contact Trance Song
[SP] ~ Neckbreaker Dance Song
[SP] ~ Nova Trance Song
Mother F*cker (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Damaged Trance Song
[SP] ~ Ecstasy (Needs Vocals) Trance Song
[SP] ~ 9PM (Till I Come) House Song
[oZ] ~ Ima Shit On These Walls Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Cold Touch (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ A Milli (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
[SP] ~ Don't Leave Me Now Dance Song
[oZ] ~ Nightcrawler (Dubstep) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Tetris (Dubstep Remix) Dubstep Song
[oZ] ~ Entity (Dubstep) Drum N Bass Song
[SP] ~ Be Happy Dance Song
[SP] ~ Halloween Ravin' Dance Song
[SP] ~ Feel Complete Dance Song
[SP] ~ Elysium+ Dance Song
[SP] ~ T-Minus 10 Trance Song
[SP] ~ Radeoaktiv Hardstyle Techno Song
[SP] ~ I Get Stoned Techno Song
[SP] ~ Overdose (Extended Mix) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Celestial Love Trance Song
[SP] ~ Arctic Shores Trance Song
olololololololol Heavy Metal Song
[SP] ~ Futurebass Industrial Song
[SP]~Beautiful Universe(NgEdt) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Shipwrecked (FoyleCVR) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Beautiful Universe Trance Song
Shitty Dubstep Drum N Bass Song
[SP] ~ Satellite (OceanLabRmx) Trance Song
[SP] ~ Robo-Ghosts Drum N Bass Loop
[SP] ~ Just Hold On (Club Mix) Trance Song
[SP] - Space Girl Trance Song
!/IntenCity\! (ATB Cover) Trance Song
!/Higher\! (Harry H Cover) Dance Song
Desperate Religion (ATB Remix) Trance Song
!/Never Forget\!(Halo 3 Remix) Dance Song
!/To Whom It May Concern\! Trance Song
~EnV~Vocal Rd. 2 (Ng mix) Dance Song
MY EARS Industrial Loop
!/Funkeh Loop\! Funk Loop
!/Perpetually Finite\! (2009) Trance Song
!/One More Night\!*CascadaRMX* Dance Song
!/Dj Arch - Ekstazi (Part 1)\! Trance Song
!/Bio Bass\! Techno Song
!/PiXeLaTeD\! Drum N Bass Song
!/Labyrinth of Thought\! Hip Hop - Modern Song
!/You're My Angel\!(B&S Cover) Dance Song
!/Dj Arch - The Beat\! Trance Song
!/Dj Arch - Synesthesia\! Trance Song
!/Jurassic Park\!(TranceRemix) Trance Song
!/Dj Arch - Dat Bass\! Dance Song
!/Boten Anna\! (Hardcore Rmx) Dance Song
!/Back In The Day\! (WIP) Hip Hop - Olskool Song
!/Dj Arch - Wonderland\! Dance Song
!/Perpetually Finite\! Trance Song
!/Go To Sleep\! Ambient Loop
!/GweenSweeves\! Techno Song
!/Dj Arch - Neon Purple\! Dance Song
!/Dj Arch - Euphorya\! Trance Song
!/The Edge Of The Universe!\ Trance Song
!/Stomp To This\! Industrial Song
!/I Dont Like It\!(Kurt Cover) Techno Song
!/Dj Arch - Da Fuzz\! House Song
!/Overdose\! (TomCraft Remix) Techno Song
!/Dreams On The Beach\!(Part1) Trance Song
!/Luminescent Tide\! Ambient Song
!/Super Nova\! Techno Song
!/Dj Arch - Droppin' Acid\! Trance Song
!/The Motive\! Drum N Bass Song
!/Angel Eyes(Happy Mix)\! Dance Song
I like your shoes Miscellaneous Loop
!/Dj Arch - //EndGame_\! Dance Song
!/Dj Arch - Earthquakin'\! Techno Song
!/Dj Arch - Apologize Remix\! Dance Song
!/Dj Arch - New Vibe\! Trance Song
!/Dj Arch - Silver Dawn(CVR)\! Dance Song
!/Summer Raving\! Dance Song
!/Makin' Me Wanna Dance\!*V.2* Dance Song
!/The Adrenaline\! HardStyle Techno Song
!/Leather Face 2.7\! Drum N Bass Song
!/Livin' in the Moment\! Dance Song
!Dragostea Din Tei (Remix)! Dance Song
!/Turn Up The Music\!(No Vox) Dance Song
Makin Me Wanna Dance(S&U Mix) Dance Song
!/Dance In Heaven\! Dance Song
!/!Da Bass!\! Dance Song
!/Overcast\! Dance Song
!/How You Make Me Feel\! Dance Song
!/We're Not Alone\! Dance Song
!/Close Your Eyes\! R&B Song
!/Hardcore4Evah\! Dance Song
!/!Bounce!\! Dance Song
!/What I Found\!(Solid Remix) Dance Song
!/Neon Dusk\! Dance Song
!/Neon Green\! **FINAL Dance Song
!/Dreams\! (Trance Mix) Trance Song
ShowShow - Ep1. Career Sheets Miscellaneous Song
/Arabian Nights\ Hip Hop - Modern Song
/Arise\ Dance Song
Dude Pooooooooooooooooooooooop Miscellaneous Song
!/Dreaming of You\! Ambient Song
!/Darkest Before The Dawn\! Dance Song
!/You Are The Reason\! Dance Song
!/Heaven's Trance\! Trance Song
!/The Kingdom\! Trance Song
!/Back Again\! Dance Song
!/Midnight Moon\! Dance Song
!/Last Day\! Dance Song
/Electric Revolution\ Dance Song
/Cosmic Radiation\ Dance Song
/Substance Remix\ Dance Song
/Dreams\ Final** Trance Song
!/Archetype\ Trance Song
!//Analogarmageddon_ Video Game Song
!/Life In A Flask\! Trance Song
!/Journey Home\! FINAL** Dance Song
/Neon Green\ Dance Song
/Neon Green\ PREVIEW* Dance Song
/Neon Blue\ Dance Song
/Gh0st13s\ Industrial Song
/Dreams\ Techno Song
/We Disintegrate\ Trance Song
/Ascension\ Take 2** Dance Song
/Ascension\ Dance Song
Doom II Gun Sounds Remix Video Game Song
Virus Detected Techno Song
The Edge Of The Universe Ambient Song
Our Hero Hip Hop - Modern Song
Get Da Fuk Out My Binis[R Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Neon Black Techno Song
/New Hope\ Trance Song
/Radon\ Industrial Song
/Journey Home\ Dance Song
What It's Like [Dance Mix] Dance Song
Ominous Light Dance Song
After The Show Ambient Song
They Live In The Shadows Trance Song
Mad World Electronic Mix Drum N Bass Song
Michael M is a pree cool guy Techno Song
T3chn0 B34ts R B4ck 4g41n Techno Song
Screw You, I'm From Spaceee! Industrial Song
89105206 I Drum N Bass Loop
TranceSHIT Trance Loop
Hero of the People Miscellaneous Song
Remorse is for the Dead(intro) Heavy Metal Song
Lamb of God - Omerta Heavy Metal Song
Me so Horny Techno Song